I am committed to being the State Representative who leads the fight for our public schools, our local governments, and our District homeowners. The State has reduced its share of funding for public education from 67% to 38%, cut funds for roads and transportation, and forced unfunded mandates on local governments. The result is an ever-increasing burden on local governments that is passed on to taxpayers.

Rising property taxes have created a hardship for many homeowners. Some District homeowners have been taxed out of their homes. All while the State sits on a growing surplus, the largest in the country, of over 10 billion dollars. I am ready to organize for change and build coalitions in our communities and across Texas. I am ready to fight for you and with you to give families like yours and mine the best future possible.

Public Education Funding
Increase the States share of public education funding to reduce the burden on taxpayers and to give teachers
the tools they need to lead future generations on the path to success.

Gentrification/Affordable Housing/Property Taxes
Address the negative impact gentrification has on property taxes and affordable housing by working to pass
legislation like HB2480 that my opponent worked with Republicans to block from coming to a vote.

Local Control- Environmental & Transportation
Build coalitions with state and local leadership to increase transparency and empower local government and
voters to control and decide on issues such as environmental and transportation concerns.

Child Welfare
Protect our children by increasing resources for severely underfunded services such as the Texas Department
of Family and Protective Services.

Criminal Justice Reform
Work with academics and social services to reform several aspects of the criminal justice system to end the
school to prison pipeline.

Economic development and jobs
Create new opportunities by working with local governments to help small businesses and attract new
businesses and jobs to our state.